Client Reviews
''I was scared as hell to get started but you gave me just  what I needed.'
                                                                   Vinni Hill - Cleveland OH
''I am sure glad that I went with you.'
                                                                   Joe Perez - Tampa FL
' I never got my money back! I did not need to. Everything went as you said and my family feel safe.'
                                                                     Robert Giles - London UK
'What can I say but thank you. I an so glad we cane to you'
                                                                      Tanya Lewis - Inwood WV
'I wished that i had heard about you guys a long time ago because buying these things in New York is next to impossible'
                                                                        Clarence Green - New York NY
It worked out perfectly for me from start to finish.
                                                                         Nathan Habbershaw - Leeds UK
Gracias. Me pones en camino a un nuevo comienzo.
                                                                          Ricardo Rodriguez - LA CA
As a single Mom I am sure glad i came to you with money tight your prices enabled my son and I  to be safe
                                                                           Michelle Slater - Atlanta GA
My first order completed and your right working with you has given me the confidence that i can succeed.
                                                                           Shawn Edwards  -  Birmingham AL                                                                   
It's not the first time i have used you and it definately wont be the last.
                                                                            Cathy Brooker - Sacremento CA
My dealings with you have turned out good everytime
                                                                             Robert Lemon - Plymouth Devon
You gave me the flip that i needed to get my new business off the ground.
                                                                             Tyrone Workman - Clovis NM
You gave me what I meeded.  Thank you for everything.
                                                                              Tony Bovall - Grand Rapids ML
I had a lot of misgivings about going ahead but am delighted that I did.
                                                                               Charles Budd - Fylde Lancashire
You gave me what I needed to take the plunge
                                                                               Alexis Rivero - Morro Bay  CA
I followed your advice and my order is now selling on Ebay
                                                                                Russell Wilson - Ely NV