COVID-19 the experience of an Englishman living in China

Having been living in China for many years I found the hardest part has been 2020 and COVID-19. That is the official name for it but some call it other names including corona virus.

This virus has changed life here forever I fear and it happened just as tens of millions people had began traveling for the Chinese New year..   At one stage, we in China, were contemplating that China was going to have  the highest numbers of confirmed cases and the largest numbers of deaths in the World.   But then we had not reckoned with the deterrnination of the Chinese people who got behind the countries leaders wholeheartedly and although officially only the city of Wuhan was in complete lock down the people themselves put the whole country in a self imposed lockdown.

I was amazed that a country as large as China with nearly a billion and a half population could see the dangers facing them.  The streets became suddenly empty, every shop closed as the population took part in complete self isolation and distanced them selves from others. 


We went through February and March and daily I would look out of the windows to see maybe an occasional person walking to buy food or medicines even though we was a thousand miles from the epicentre in Wuhan..


As we got into April I began to see more individuals shopping  and my own wife venture out solely for shopping and everyone had something in common, Without exception everyone was wearing a mask even when going on the occasional visit to close fanily members.

As we entered May it looked like China had survived the worst, thanks to the Government having deployed thousands of doctors, nurses and other medical staff to the city of Wuhan it began to recover from the effects of the lockdown.  Businesses all over China reopened.  New cases of confirmed COVID-19 cases  were down to a single digit a day in the whole of China and some days there was non to report.  But there was one conitinuing feature every person still wears a mask today. 

Mask wearing, social distancing, no handshake greetings and regularly washing hands has now become second nature as there is a determination to keep the virus at bay for ever.

 At this stage in May we find that the USA with fewer people than China has far passed the death toll of any country in the World.  Second to the USA comes my home country, the United Kingdom.

I make no comment as to the politics of either country but ask that everyone considers that only three things saved China a worst fate and that is the continued wearing of masks coupled with social distancing and self isolation. It is these three things that brought China through the deadly virus. 

We are now into October and for more than 50 days not one person has contracted the virus drom and the only ones detected are people returning to China from other countries.