My name is William Williams and I have lived in China for more than twenty years.  I have a Chinese wife and 3 children.  Before retiring i was the China based buyer for a major retailer.
After retiring i decided to utilize the knowledge i had acquired and hence China Buyers Service. 
I live in Guangdong Province and I know China, the people and the language well.
 So you can see who you are dealing with I have attached a gallery. These show me, with my wife, at a sellers premise, testing a new deluxe old persons trike and inspecting the new call centre.
The masks and other items offered through us have been fully tested to give maximum safety.
All of our staff are Chinese Nationals who are able to be in contact with the sellers without the possibilty of there being any misunderstanding that can occur between a buyer and a seller thousands of miles apart.
There is no annual or monthly payment in fact you pay just for your order. Although we specialize helping newcomers you are welcome to use this service as often as you wish. 
By buying through China Buyer Service you receive our guarantee that if buying a product from China, through us, and the items are not delivered to your specified address we will provide you with a refund of the money paid. 
We will give you the peace of mind in the knowledge that your money is safe and your goods will be delivered.