Standard Service

This is our Standard Service in which we carry out substantial checks into a seller to establish that you will be dealing with a genuine company with a proven track record.  This includes making contact with the seller in question.

We will obtain their lowest price together with minimum order quantities which may be keener than the details shown on their website. We have obtained very good results with lower minimum order quantities and in some cases have been able to reduce the MOQ from 1000 items to just 50 and that alone often covers more than the cost of our service.


We will obtain details such as whether the purchase price includes delivery and If there is a choice between sending by air or express service or by sea.

In some cases we are able to advise you if Express Air is more beneficial for you with delivery to your stated destination in 3  - 5 days and on the best way that you can import into the USA without the need to pay import duty.

We normally are able to provide you with results within 2 working days of us receiving your information.

We are here to ensure the delivery is made to the correct location as required and being in China we are able follow up should any problem arise with the order. 

Follow our advice and we guarantee your money is safe.


Our Service gives you peace of mind, a guaranteed delivery and a good deal with no risk to the money paid and that your business will soon be successfully up and running.  It covers one product from one supplier on Alibaba, Ali Express, Made In China or Global Sources.   

You are welcome to use this service as often as you wish but most use it once or twice or until such time they have confidence to go it alone.

The cost of our Standard Service is normally $49.99 but due to the adverse trading conditions brought about by the Corona virus that is sweeping the World we are offering it for just $29.99 for the next two weeks only.

This is even better value for our guarantee that your purchase is risk free and if it is not delivered we will arrange for a refund of money paid.

Order now and on confirmation from Pay Pal of its receipt you will be automatically transfered to the page where you provide us with the details we need to start our service for you.

Our Paypal account is  UK Probte Research